Wireless Access Points: Thin versus Fat

Wireless LAN Switches: The Very Best Solution

There’s two kinds of wireless access points Intelligent (Fat) and Thin wireless Access points. A fat wireless entry way has everything it must handle wireless clients. A Skinny wireless entry way is essentially an invisible and antenna that’s controlled with a wireless switch. Should you deploy several Fat wireless access points they should be configured individually. With thin wireless access points the whole configuration happens in the switch helping you save money and time.

Wireless LAN Switches provide benefits:

Wireless Mobility – Intelligent access aren’t managed inside a convenient location meaning there’s no 3rd party monitoring the movement of the user. If your user moves to a different work space traditional wireless access points have a problem passing from the user towards the new entry way. Thin wireless access points are controlled function as the wireless LAN switch who’ll manage you movement.

Security- While using wireless LAN switch the administrator can check logs, configure is security settings, make group polices for wireless users all-in-one place. Also built-in to a lot of wireless LAN switches are RADIUS servers that will give another layer of security on the top of the file encryption policies. In enterprise wireless systems the managers greatest fear is rogue wireless access points. Wireless LAN switches can identify whenever a new wireless entry way makes the region and choose if it’s a reliable or non-reliable device.

Placement – Control of Ethernet is yet another fantastic aspect of wireless LAN Switches. Control of Ethernet eliminates the requirement for an power outlet to become close to the wireless entry way. This protects your organization money by not getting to set up new power outlets. Also this improves security by not getting the wireless access points within easy achieve of passerby’s.

If you’re deploying a radio LAN for an organization I’d be frightened if you do not utilize wireless LAN switches and wireless thin access points. The upfront costs of those goods are more however your total price of possession is going to be under getting to manage each wireless entry way individually. In summary home proprietors should stick to Fat access points and companies should use thin.