Classification of Computers

Computers can be found in different shapes, sizes and weights, because of these different sizes and shapes they perform different types of jobs from each other.

They may also be classified diversely. All of the computers are made through the qualified computer architectures that design they his or her needs.

A pc which is used in the home differs in shape and size in the computer getting used inside a hospital. Computers behave as a web server in large structures, as the computer also differs in shape and size performing its job like a weather forecaster.

Students transporting a laptop with him to his college differs in size and shape all the computers pointed out above.

Here we will introduce different classifications of computers one at a time. We’ll discuss what exactly are in classifications and just what job they perform.

Super computer

The greatest in dimensions, probably the most costly in cost than every other is classed and referred to as super computer. It may process trillions of instructions within minutes. This computer sits dormant like a PC in the home neither with a student inside a college.

Governments specifically use this kind of computer for his or her different calculations and high jobs. Different industries also employ this massive computer for designing their goods.

In the majority of the Hollywood’s movies it’s employed for animation purposes. This sort of computer can also be useful for forecasting weather reports worldwide.


Another giant in computers following the super computer is Mainframe, which could also process countless instruction per second and able to being able to access vast amounts of data.

This computer is generally utilized in big hospitals, air line reservations companies, and lots of other huge companies prefer mainframe due to its capacity of retrieving data on the huge basis.

This really is normally to costly and from achieve from the salary-based individual who uses a computer for his home.

This sort of computer may cost as much as 1000s of dollars.


This computer is next in he line but less offers under mainframe in work and gratifaction. Fundamental essentials computers, that are mostly liked by the little kind of business personals, colleges, etc.


The majority of the people who use computers understand the private computers. They normally understand what the pc is and just what are its functions.

This is actually the computer mostly liked by the house users. These computers are lesser on price compared to computers given above as well as, small in dimensions they’re also known as Computers in a nutshell for private computers.

This computer is small in dimensions and you may easily push the button to slot in your single bed room using its all accommodation. Today this really is regarded as typically the most popular computer in most.

Laptop computers

Getting a little size and occasional weight the notebook is convenient to carry to anywhere. Students may take it with him/her to his/her school in theOrher bag together with hisOrher book.